Policies and Rates


Rent during senior week period(end of May and June) is $325 per bed, so total rent for that week is calculated multiplying that amount by the amount of beds that are in the unit. So, if let's say, unit has 6 beds, total rent will be $1950 per week, plus applicable MD State 6% and rooming 5% tax.

Initial Payment – 50% Due at time of reservation.  You can mail the check payable to A&P Group LLC. Mailing address: 13809 Lambertina Place, Rockville, MD 20850. We also accept transactions via Zelle and Paypal ( processing fees will be added if Paypal is used ). 

Final Payment - Remaining 50% is Due 60 days prior to check-in date. 

Security or Damage Deposit -  $75 per person for groups under 25 years of age due at check-in by cash, check, cashier’s check, or money order. (No credit cards).

A security deposit as stated above shall be due at time of check-in and shall be held against damages to the premises, missing or broken items, legal fees, and/or charges incurred due to violations of this Agreement. After thorough inspection and deductions, if any, the deposit will be returned to the Group Leader no later than 14 days after departure. Owner reserves the right to bill Guests for damages and or other fees that exceed the amount of the security deposit, including legal and other fees incurred by the Owner in collection of the fees.

CANCELLATION: For reservations during the month of June there are absolutely no refunds once initial payment is received. If one Guest in a group decides not to come, group leader may find a replacement member to take their spot. The two will need figure out the money between each other as we will not issue any refund. For all other dates cancellations must be made 90 days in advance for full refund.  If final payment for any group is not received by due date Owner may cancel Guests reservation with no refund.

CLEANING AND REPAIRS: Rooms shall be free of trash, dishes cleaned, and everything left in relatively the same condition as when the Guests checked in. The estimated cleaning time is 30 minutes per unit plus 15 additional per bedroom. If additional cleaning time is required above that time Guests will be billed $50 per hour or portion thereof. This surcharge also applies to any time spent picking up cans, bottles and trash around the building and on the front porches. If damage repair and/or replacement is necessary on any part of the building or other property Guests will be billed in one of two ways. If Owner repairs it will be at an hourly rate of $75.00 plus parts or materials. If owner deems a professional is needed a contractor will be hired and Guest will be billed 110% of the cost of the contractor. If damages cause future occupants check-ins to be delayed and or cancelled guest will be responsible for providing a partial or full refund until unit is in the condition to be re-rented.

CHECK-IN TIME: 4 p.m at property. Please call or text 30 minutes prior to arrival to coordinate.

CHECK-OUT TIME: 10:00 am. Though unlikely, we may at our discretion charge $100 per hour (or portion thereof) past the check out time.

PARKING: There is a limited parking available. Owner is not liable for any damage or theft to any vehicles left in our reserved spaces or otherwise.

PETS: No pets or animals of any kind are permitted on the property without prior special permission from owner.

NON-SMOKING: Smoking is not permitted within any of our apartments at any time. Smoking inside may result in eviction and/or $100 charge per incident to Guests security deposit.

NOISE: The Town of Ocean City has adopted a Noise Control Ordinance that makes it unlawful to cause or permit levels which exceed those established by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene of the State of Maryland. It shall be a violation of this Agreement and grounds for immediate removal from the property, if these noise levels are exceeded as a result of Guest activity on the property. The Town of Ocean City has additional noise ordinances, which are criminal offenses if violated.

QUIET HOURS: Between the hours of 10:00 pm and 9:00 am the following additional rules will be in effect. No guests on the property, no congregating outside or on balconies, no loud music, no loud talking /yelling, or any other activity that may disturb other tenants or neighbors.

PROHIBITED ITEMS/ACTIVITIES: Underage drinking is illegal and not permitted. Additionally, illegal drugs & kegs are banned from the property at all times. No house parties, loud profanity, or otherwise obnoxious behavior. Keep off the roof or any other area not meant for your use. Absolutely no kegs, outdoor drinking games, or speakers larger then a phone docking station regardless of age. You must be respectful and courteous to your neighbors at all times. If owner deems guests are interfering with other guests stays or if law enforcement is called for misbehavior all guests of unit will immediately be evicted.

VISITORS: Visitors to the property are limited to 1 per bedroom. (ie: a 2-bedroom unit may have no more than 2 visitors at a time and none may spend the night.)

INSPECTION: For groups under 30 years of age Owner shall inspect the property the evening before check-out to determine condition of unit. Units must be relatively cleaned up prior to this inspection. If it is determined significant repairs or cleaning is needed guests will be evicted immediately so repairs can be completed. At owner’s discretion additional inspections may be completed throughout the week. Unless it is an emergency situation or owner feels immediate action is needed Guests will be given a minimum of 15 minutes notice of inspection.

ITEMS YOU WILL NEED TO BRING: Blankets, pillows, and linens are not provided, so please bring your own!! Additionally, you should bring towels, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, cleaning solution/supplies, and any other disposable items you might need.

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